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Chauncey’s General Store

– How It Began –

In April 2005 a package was left on the front step of my home in Deadmans Harbour. In it were several pages of foolscap containing a hand written story written by Chauncey, the retired owner of Chauncey’s General Store. 

Nearly a year passed before the story was published in our newspaper under the title Chauncey’s General Store. Soon after, another story was left on our doorstep. The stories began to arrive regularly and I noticed something interesting happening – there was a change in the heartbeat of the newspaper. People were reading and talking about the stories.

Chauncey’s General Store is about a store in a small fishing village on the shore of Passamaquoddy Bay in southern New Brunswick, Canada and the people who pass through it. There they are welcome to get warm at the wood stove, play Hearts, engage in community gossip and buy anything in the store from cheese carved from a large block on the counter to hand made mittens. 

The store acts as the center of the village. Whatever goes on in Deadmans Harbour crosses the counter at Chauncey’s and is discussed, analyzed and usually judged. Over it all presides the benevolent image of Chauncey adding his wisdom to the proceedings.

If a week passed when the newest Chauncey story was not included in our newspaper we received calls. One woman instructed the shop clerk at the store in her village to telephone her the moment the newspaper arrived.

The popularity of the series grew. People enjoyed the diverse nature of the unique, sometimes eccentric and engaging characters who graced the tiny village of Deadmans Harbour. 

Now Chauncey’s General Store is available online. Chauncey and the jewel of his life Mrs. Chauncey may be retired but the stories continue to arrive. One will be added each Thursday. Readers are encouraged to subscribe at no charge, and will be informed by email when that week’s story is published.

We hope you will pull up the rocking chair, ready that cup of coffee or tea, and tune in to Chauncey’s General on your computer, cell phone or ipad. It’s the kind of break from the intensity of daily life that can be a help. 

We hope you enjoy reading about and visiting Chauncey’s General Store. Look for a new story every Thursday.  And if you like the stories send us an email. We would like very much to hear from you.

Kindest regards,

Gordon Johnson, Editor


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